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Southern California Ticket & Tour Center 1 Day San Diego Zoo Admission

1 Day San Diego Zoo Admission

San Diego Zoo Admission Packed into 100 acres (40 hectares), the superb San Diego Zoo presents a stunning variety of nature's largest, smallest, noblest, oddest, and most endangered creatures. This famous zoo has more than 3,000 animals representing over 800 species in a beautifully landscaped setting, typically in enclosures that replicated their natural habitat. Highlights of the zoo include the Tiger River bioclimatic exhibit, which realistically recreates an Asian rainforest environment, and Gorilla Tropics, which does the same with an African rainforest. The koalas and the rare giant pandas are also popular, so is Absolutely Apes, which has orangutans and siamangs climbing in lush forests. Finally, don’t miss the African Rock Kopje, where klipspringers (small antelopes) clamber about rocks. San Diego Safari Park Admission  The sun beats down on the grasslands as you look out over the plains, and for a second, you swear you feel the heat of the Kenyan savanna. Explore natural habitats and get up close and personal with more than 400 species of animals—from African elephants to zebras—at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. A journey to this park is more than just an activity. It’s an immersive and educational experience that takes guests on a global adventure. The park is divided into regions, boasting habitats that simulate these animals’ wildlife homes, allowing you to get an intimate look at the rhinos bathing in their oasis, lions snoozing in the sun, and meerkats diligently keeping watch over their burrows.

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Southern California Ticket & Tour Center 1 Day SeaWorld San Diego Admission

1 Day SeaWorld San Diego Admission

1 Day SeaWorld San Diego Admission Explore the fascinating world beneath the waves as you spend the day with this admission to SeaWorld San Diego. Go nose-to-nose with a joyful dolphin, belly up with a gentle beluga whale or waddle along near the sociable penguins. It’s a park that’s both fun and educational, making every encounter a new journey of discovery. Indeed, San Diego SeaWorld’s highlights are its live shows, featuring trained dolphins, seals, sea lions, and killer whales. “Believe” is the most visually spectacular, a 30 minute show in which the three star performers – Shamu, Baby Shamu, and Namu – glide, leap, dive, and flip through the water while interacting with each other, their trainers, and the audience. In Penguin Encounter, several penguin species waddle and frolic in a habitat that faithfully simulates Antarctic living conditions. You’ll see dozens of sharks as you walk through the acrylic tube at Shark Encounter. SeaWorld has several amusement park-style rides, including Journey to Atlantis, a combination flume ride and roller coaster, and Wild Arctic, a simulated helicopter flight followed by a walk past beluga whales and polar bears.

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Southern California Ticket & Tour Center Legoland California Resort Admission

Legoland California Resort Admission

1 Day Legoland California Resort Admission UPGRADE: You may upgrade your pass to a Hopper Pass the will include admission to Legoland California Resort and The SEALIFE Aquarium. Head to LEGOLANd California for a fun day of exploring thrilling rides and imagination-stimulating games a range of attractions that fill a 128-acre (52-hectare) site! Visit Explorer Island where you can travel through a prehistoric jungle on Coastersaurus and dig for life-like fossils at Dig Those Dinos. Or watch the kids become heroes at fire station play gyym where they can act out the work of a fire fightier as they run, climb and slide. Little kids can build with large soft play bricks at DUPLO Playtown, making forts or small hideaways from squishy LEGO bricks. Take to the high seas at Pirate Shores, a pirate-themed splash park that features six water rides including Splash Battle, Soak 'N Sail, and a water course with LEGO boats! BE sure to save time for Miniland USA, which showcases incredible LEGO art. Marvel at large-scale LEGO models that represent eight regions in the USA and are made from more than 20 million LEGO bricks! Examine the New York section, which includes a Central Park filled with LEGO people skating, riding carriages, and strolling the paths. The New England Harbor shows a quaint town with interactive mini-farm animals that dance to music. Take a boat cruise on a lake to see Miniland’s Mt Rushmore, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House and more. You can even get a look into the Model Shop where master builders are at work on new LEGO creations.

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Southern California Ticket & Tour Center San Diego GO Card

San Diego GO Card

San Diego GO Card "Get more for your buck" with the San Diego GO Card. Experience a numerous amounts of L.A. attractions as you want. Choose as you go from 40 attractions including museums, tours, cruises and more. Take your time explore the City of San Diego and its attraction for 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days over a 2 week period.  Tickets for 3, 5, and 7-Day Passes include 1-Day Admission to San Diego Seaworld.  

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Southern California Ticket & Tour Center USS Midway San Diego Museum Admission

USS Midway San Diego Museum Admission

USS Midway San Diego Museum Admission The USS Miway Museum is one of San Diego's newest visitor attractions. This historic naval aircraft carrier museum guarantees a once of a lifetime opportunity for everyone to experience what it was like o be partof a "city at sea". Explore gallerys, officer's country, sleeping quarters, the engine room of the first Navy ship too large for the Panama Canal and so much more! Visitors are amazed by the 4-acres flight deck and the 360 degree panoramic view of downtown San Diego. Guest of all ages will enjoy 60 exhibits, 25 restored aircraft, optional flight stimulators, videos, get the chance to climb aboard aircrafts, enjoy an outdoor cafe and a gift shop. Admission also includes a self-guided audio tour, featuring USS MIdway veterans as narrators. A visit to the USS Midway if a uniquely experience in San Diego.

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