Mercedes Benz Van Sprinter Private Service 14 passengers + Driver

If you have been planning for that perfect birthday, prom or bachelor’s party, our exclusive 14 passenger Luxurious Sprinters Mercedes Benz  is the perfect option for you. Whatever the occasion demands, DVB Transportation will make it a day to remember. Whether your requirements are of a personal or professional nature, our Mercedes Benz Van Sprinters can accommodate all needs of a group of friends or business executives. We have Regular passenger Sprinters or Limo Sprinters 2017.

Our Car Services provide extreme comfort and ample space to accommodate a group of 14 passengers. Even the interiors of the classic vehicle are especially designed to add a touch of glamour to the entire journey. Sitting in our personalized Mecedes Benz Van Sprinters you and your friends will definitely feel special. You can turn the Van Sprinter into an entertainment center with in-built facilities like a Flat Screen TV and a good Stereo where you can connect evern your own cellphone and access your itunes, so you can listen to your own music and by turning on the robust surround sound system of our Mercedes Benz Van Sprinter, you will be able create the party ambiance and get the party going. To top it off. The Van Sprinter also has Free WiFi for your convenience.

We serve within and/or from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego Area and Tijuana Area

Call Now for information and availability at 1-855-378-3006. or submit an inquire by email at 

Mercedes Benz Regular 14 Passenger Sprinter $125/Hr + Gratuity

Mercedes Benz 14 Passenger Limo Sprinter $150/Hr + Gratuiry 

Los Angeles (8 Hours minimum), Orange County Area (6 Hours Minimun), San Diego Area (3 Hours Minimum), Tijuana (5 Hour Minimum) + 20% Gratuity will be automatically added to your rate. 

VAN Transit Connect Private Service 11 passengers + Driver

If you are looking for a less glamorous service, you can use one of our Transit Connect Vans, that can accommodate from 11 passengers + Driver. Our stylish spacious Transit Connect 11-passenger van, are the latest in technology from Ford. Whether you are looking for a small shuttle to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach or Disneyland Resort or book our van services for the day we have the solution for you and your party. Equipped with A/C, Cellphone Charger, Stereo and Free WiFi for your convenience. We are the perfect choice for you. Our friendly drivers will make sure you and your party have the best time of your day, safely and comfortable.

We Serve within and/or from Los Angeles Area, Orange County Area, San Diego Area, Palms Springs

Call Now for more information at 1-855-378-3006. or submit an inquire by email at 

Van Transit Connect 11 Passengers $90/Hr

Los Angeles (5 Hours minimum), Orange County Area (5 Hours Minimun), San Diego Area and Palms Springs (8 Hours Minimum)

SUV Private Service 7 passengers + Driver

DVB Transportation is known by Visit California for providing best-in-class SUV service that can be used by anybody for a night out trip with family or friends. Many large corporate houses prefer to hire our company’s SUV service to for their visiting executives during airport arrivals and departures. All our limo rentals are fully equipped with all things that make your trip memorable. Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, and Ice (a 7lb bag) is always stocked in our car service so you can refresh yourself during your ride. You can also listen to our stereo or watch your favorite movie on the DVD player. Our SUV also have Free WiFi for your convenience.

What makes our DVB Transportation service the first choice for every commuter in Los Angeles is the fact that our rates are very economical. You can enjoy the best in luxury and also save your money by opting for our affordable best-in-class 7 passenger SUV service. So all you need to do is give us a call on 1-855-378-3006 and rest assured that we will make this the experience of a lifetime for you. Have fun!