Blue Hawaiian West Maui Mountains Tour

From USD 165

Blue Hawaiian West Maui Mountains Tour

Daily Departures

Departure Times: Mornings & Afternoon 

Tour Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes 

Very few people including locals even know of the grand and awesome beauty carved into the mountains of West Maui. Driving to Iao Valley just gets a glimpse of the fascinating rain forest and towering valley walls but that cannot compare to seeing them from above. This tour flight explores one hidden valley after the next and is the only possible way to come to know the real Maui. You’ll get to learn and see why Maui got the nickname, "The Valley Isle". Waterfalls cascade from towering cliffs into the streams running along the rainforest floor. If clouds and rainfall happen to be a part of your adventure, the waterfalls and rainbows can be even more spectacular. This tour will take your breath away from all the beauty you’ll experience from start to finish.


From USD 165

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West Maui Mountains Highlights:

  • West Maui Mountains 
  • Hidden Valleys 
  • Waterfalls 


  1. Kahului