San Diego Zoo From L.A.

1 Day San Diego Zoo Admission + Round Trip Transfers from Los Angeles

Departure: 09:30AM

Monday, Wednesday, Saturdays, Sundays

Return: 05:30 PM

This package offer includes a 1 Day San Diego Zoo admission with round trip transportation from Starline Tours. Guest will be picked-up from their respective Los Angeles Hotels and be transferred to San Diego Zoo. Guests will present voucher as prove for transfers reservation.It takes approximately an hour and half to arrive to San Diego Zoo. Return pick-up time from San Diego Zoo will be at 5:30 PM. Guests will be dropped off at the same hotels they were initially picked-up in.

Note: There might be a stop in Legoland to drop-off guests and versa vica in the return trip back to Los Angeles 

Our San Diego Zoo Admission plus transportation offer is available year-round with daily departures. Transportation service is provided by Starline Tours departing Los Angeles. 

Pick Up Times: 08:15AM-08:45AM (You will receive your voucher with confirmation and pick-up time via email)

Departure Time: 09:30 

Return trips are scheduled to leave San Diego Zoo at 5:30 p.m.

Note: Guest will be dropped–off at the Hotel where they were picked-up initially. 


Your family adventure begins with a trip down California’s golden coast in a 14 passenger VAN with amenities and comfort features. Upon your arrival at San Diego Zoo, you’re free to roam to your heart’s content and enjoy the park’s popular attractions and exhibits including...

- San Diego Zoo's Guided Bus Tour: Do not loose tour San Diego Admission Ticket, you'll need it in order to board the double-decker bus for the tour of the zoo. As a recommendation go on the tour early in the day to get an idea of the zoo's layout. 

- Panda Canyon: San Diego Zoo is one of the few zoos in the United States and even around the world that is home to panda bears. The panda bear exhibit unlike other exhibits always has a zoo keeper talking about the pandas as their behaviors, habitats, eating habits etc. as well as answering any questions that guests may have in regards to pandas. Pandas tend to be more active in the morning and it is encourage for guest to visit the Panda Canyon early in the day to avoid the long-lines and be able to experience Pandas in their more active state. 

- Northern Frontier: One of the must-see exhibits of San Diego Zoo is the northern frontier home of the polar bears  where you also be able to see a snow white fox and caribou. This exhibit also provides an underwater viewing area where guest will have the opportunity to view polar bears swimming and/or playing underwater. 
In addition there is a daily zoo keeper talk at 1:00 PM where guests can learn more about the wolf species and much more. 

- Elephant Odyssey: Want to see lots of Elephants?!! Well make sure to check out the Elephant Care Center where you will be able to view elephants up close. But that's not all, guest will have the chance to also see lots of other California-native animals such as large birds, lions, meerkats and so much more!! 
Keeper talk daily at 2:30 PM about lions and jaguars where guests can watch these beautiful animals enjoy an enrichment program. 

- Lost Forest: The Lost Forest lives up to it's name. As you walk through it, you will feel that you're literally walking through a lost forest. Filled with a beautiful jungle green scenery with animal noises filling the background. As you're walking through you'll enjoy seeing animals such as tigers, hippos, monkeys, gorillas and many more. Scripps Aviary and Owens Aviary are a must see where you can see rare and exotic bird species. 

- Urban Jungle: You can not go to San Diego Zoo and not visit the Urban Jungle exhibits. Here is where you will be able to see kangoos, flamingos, rhinos, sleepy koalas, magnificent giraffes and their facinating long necks and many more animals. 

- Discovery Outpost: Throughout this exhibit guests will see lots of reptiles such as snakes, turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, alligators, lizards etc. and other insects, birds and many more. 
It is also a great location where kids can just be kids and run around in the playground as well as get up close and personal with the animals in the petting zoo. 

- Skyfari Aerial Tram: Looking for a shortcut to cut across the San Diego Zoo. Well take an airbourne shortcut using the Skyfari Tram. Where it takes you over the treetops and over across to the other side of the zoo. Guest will enjoy a spectacular view of the zoo. 

These are just some of the many highlights that San Diego Zoo has to offer to their guests!!



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