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1 Day Legoland California Resort Admission

UPGRADE: You may upgrade your pass to a Hopper Pass the will include admission to Legoland California Resort and The SEALIFE Aquarium.

Head to LEGOLANd California for a fun day of exploring thrilling rides and imagination-stimulating games a range of attractions that fill a 128-acre (52-hectare) site! Visit Explorer Island where you can travel through a prehistoric jungle on Coastersaurus and dig for life-like fossils at Dig Those Dinos. Or watch the kids become heroes at fire station play gyym where they can act out the work of a fire fightier as they run, climb and slide. Little kids can build with large soft play bricks at DUPLO Playtown, making forts or small hideaways from squishy LEGO bricks. Take to the high seas at Pirate Shores, a pirate-themed splash park that features six water rides including Splash Battle, Soak 'N Sail, and a water course with LEGO boats! BE sure to save time for Miniland USA, which showcases incredible LEGO art. Marvel at large-scale LEGO models that represent eight regions in the USA and are made from more than 20 million LEGO bricks! Examine the New York section, which includes a Central Park filled with LEGO people skating, riding carriages, and strolling the paths. The New England Harbor shows a quaint town with interactive mini-farm animals that dance to music. Take a boat cruise on a lake to see Miniland’s Mt Rushmore, Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House and more. You can even get a look into the Model Shop where master builders are at work on new LEGO creations.

From USD 77

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Legoland San Diego is an interactive theme park fun for everyone of all ages. You will find boundless fun, adventure, opportunities to be creative and inspiration to young minds.

There is lots to do at Legoland San Diego with more than 50 thrilling rides and attractions throughout the park in each theme area

- The Beginning
- Imagination Zone
- Land of Adventure 
- Castle Hill
- Pirates Shore
- Miniland USA
- Fun Town
- Lego Friends Heartlake City 
- Explorer Island

During the summer make sure to bring an extra pair of clothes and enjoy the world's best water park at Legoland San Diego. 

Legoland's Water Park is not only unique because it is themed by legos like in Legoland but also because it is geared to be enjoyed by everyone with a variety of attractions. 
Water Park Attractions: 

It is not a so lazy river!! Put your skills to work and design a raft before you head down-stream.
Rider must be at least 42" inches in height. 

Want to do something outragous? How about sliding through the mouth of a Crocodile? Here at Legoland Water Park you'll have your chance to do so at the Cragger's Splash. 
Rider must be at least 36" in height.

Slide down twist and turns. 
Rider must be at least 40" in height.

Speed through a water tunnel slide! 
Rider must be at least 36" in height. 

The slides may be smaller but the fun is a enormous for toddlers who are just ready to have some fun and do some splashing. 
This area is specially designed for childen ages 6 and under and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 

Here's where you can let your imagination, creativity and inspiration flow! Build a boat of your design with legos. 
No minimum height requirement. 

Water doesn't only need to be fun but it can be educational as well. Build bridges, dams and cities out of DUPLO bricks and test them against the flow of water. 
There is no height requirement for this attraction. 

Water cannons blast from every direction and angle. So don't take it as a joke, you will get soak. Every few minutes, 350 gallons of water drop from the clock tower overhead where you will definitely be soaked! 
No minimum height requirement. 

Lion head made out of legos, rolling waves, 
Rider must be at leae 42" in height. 

Either choose the blue ship or the red ship and fire water cannons where you would be able to battle other ships. 
Rider must be at least 36" in height.
Rider between 36"-42" must be accompanied by a taller responsible rider. 

This is a single rider blue slide where the a single rider at a time zips down curves into a pool of water. 
Rider must be at least 42" in height. 
No flotation devices, life jackets are permitted on the slide. 

Legoland San Diego also gives you the opportunity to get up close to the marine life at the Legoland Sea Life Aquarium. 

Note: Legoland Water Park & the Sea Life Aquarium are separate attractions within The Legoland Resort. Admission is sold separately for each.  


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