Medieval Times Buena Park Admission

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Medieval Times Buena Park Admission

Witness an amazing show that presents an arousing live jousting tournament and classic sword fights. Marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry. Seated in the castle’s climate controlled Grand Ceremonial Arena, where after being given colored crowns, they cheer for one of six knights (donning matching colored tunics) who chivalrously vie for the honor of King’s Champion. With so much excitement, you’ll build up an appetite. The castle’s serfs and wenches will serve a delicious “hands-on” medieval-style four-course meal that includes garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, oven roasted chicken, herb-basted potato, corn cobbette, pastry of the castle, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages. For vegan lovers, we offer a delectable vegetarian option. A full-service bar is also available for adult guests.

From USD 48

+2 Additional options

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Medieval Times is a show like no other!!! 

Epic Battles of Steel and Steed: Knights will battle each other to become the King's Champion. 

- Black and White Knight: 
- Green Knight: 
- Yellow Knight: 
- Red Knight: 
- Red and Yellow Knight: 
- Blue Knight: 
You and your party if any will be given your seat tickets/section with a color. That color assigned corresponds to your Knight, cheer and support your Knight with all your might to help him win the tournament. 

This tournament is full of jousting, weaponry but that's not all. Medieval Times Dinner Tournament is a show full of different features to satisfy each and everyone of its guests including.

Falconry Flight: where you would be able to watch the Royal Falcon take its flight around the arena. 

Horsemanship: Horses play a major role during the Medieval Times Dinner Tournament show. Be stunned with equine beauty and grace as you watch these majestic creatures perform. 

Dining with the King: 4 Course Meal

In the meanwhile, as you're watching this thrilling tournament you'll be enjoying a delicious feast alongside King Don Carlos and his Royal Court. 

- Garlic Bread
- Tomato Bisque Soup
- Roasted Chicken 
- Sweet Buttered Corn 
- Herb-Based Potato 
- Pastry of the Castle 
- Coffee
- Two Rounds of the selected beverage 

Vegetarian Meal is also available. 

It's a must see show!! 


NOTE: Show times and date may vary. Please inquire about show date and time.


  1. 7662 Beach Blvd. Buena Park