Halloween Horror Nights Day Admission & Night Combo + Round Trip Transfers

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Halloween Horror Nights Day Admission & Night Combo + Round Trip Transfers: Get ready for the ultimate Hollywood experience at Universal Studios Hollywood with a day admission PLUS stay the night for the scariest experience of Halloween Horror Nights!

Spend a full day of action-packed entertainment all in one place:  thrilling Theme Park rides and shows, a real working movie studio, and Los Angeles’ best shops, restaurants and cinemas at CityWalk. Universal Studios Hollywood is a unique experience that’s fun for the whole family. Go behind the scenes on a real working movie studio. Hold on tight for the world-famous Studio Tour’s grand finale, Fast & Furious – Supercharged! Explore where Hollywood movies are made on the legendary Studio Tour. 

Afer a day of fun and entertainment, stay the night and prepare yourself for the scariest, most intense Halloween event in Southern California!!! This event has been created by the sickest and most twisted minds in horror and movie studio filming making that invented the horror movie genre.

Halloween Horror nights features terrifying mazes that bring life to some of the most frightening movies and television shows!! Experience the exclusive Terror Tram where thrills will continue onto the Universal Backlot. You will have a frightful night full of live shows, scare zones awaiting for you at every corner.

Get the best of both worlds with this ultimate combo!!

LUNCH UPGRADE: Make your day even better by including lunch at the Famous Hard Rock Café. You will receive a voucher for your food at Hard Rock Café in Universal CityWalk. You will have the option to choose a classic hamburger or other types of sandwiches, and a drink. Hard Rock Café is a place for music lovers, food and good times.Voucher valid only between 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Valid Dates:

  • Thu. 09/28/2017
  • Sun. 10/01/2017
  • Thu. 10/05/2017
  • Sun. 10/08/2017
  • Thu. 10/12/2017
  • Sun. 10/15/2017
  • Wed. 10/25/2017
  • Thu. 10/26/2017
  • Fri. 10/27/2017
  • Sun. 10/29/2017
  • Tue. 10/31/2017
  • Thu. 11/02/2017
  • Fri. 11/03/2017

From USD 184

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Attraction Highlights at Universal Studios Hollywood 

- The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Explore the mysteries of Hogwarts castle, enjoy and explore shops of Hogsmeade and sample treats from some of the famous wizarding world's establishments such as the Hogsmeade All Flavor Jelly Beans, etc. Want your own wand?! Than you much stop by at Ollivander's Wand Shop. "Remember you don't choose your wand, the wand chooses you" it is an experience like no other. In addition experience thrilling rides and attractions that will transport you to into a magical world of thrills and excitement. 

- Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: Join Gru, his three daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes and Minions on the thrilling 3-D ride. Where you will be recruited for his latest scheme in which you'll become a minion yourself.This is a memorable experience where you would be able to enjoy some of the film's most beloved scenes/ locations that have been re-created in this ride just for your enjoyment. 

- TRANSFORMERS: The RIDE 3D: Talk about the next generation of thrill rides. TRANSFORMERS have taken thrill, adventure, excitement and technology to a hold other level by creating a ride like no other. Using a flight stimulation technology so advanced that creates an experience you have never experienced before! Based on the movie franchise this ride puts you in the middle of the action and a fundamental part of it. Where you fight alongside with Optimus Prime and other Transformer autobots against the Decepticons to protect the Allspark from falling into the wrong helps. You'll be an essential element in the battle so be prepared! 

- Fast and Furious--Supercharged: The Studio Tour ends with a new finale with Fast and Furious Supercharged. You will be able to join the all-star cast from the series in a high-spped chase. 

- Special Effects Show: Don't miss the new Special Effedcts Show, where real Hollywood stuntmen and technology join together in a fasinating show where they will recreate scenes from your favorite movies!! Audience have the opportunity to participate in the show and assist to recreate these shots. 

- Studio Tour: Go behind-the-scenes where movies are shoot and Hollywood's biggest stars come to work everyday! Perhaps you would be lucky enough to spot your favorite Hollywood Star! The famous Studio Tour gives you the chance to take a look throughout the lots of the Universal Studios where much Hollywood History has taken place. You'll see sets from your favorite movies and television shows such ABC's Desperate Housewives, sets from The War of the Worlds and Universal Pictures' King Kong. 

- King Kong 360 3D:Created by Peter Jackson King Kong 360-3D is the world's largest and most intense thrilling 3-D experience. It has taken 3-D to a whole other level. You'll feel that you're right in the middle of the action In this case in the middle of a confrontation between a 35-foot T-Rex and King Kong. 

- The Simpsons Ride: Come join Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa in the Simpsons Ride. Where America's most famous animated family takes you on a wild and crazy ride throughout Springfield. This ride is filled with surprises at every corner!! 

- Revenge of the Mummy-The Ride: Face mummy warriors and other special effects on a high speed rollercoaster, that will leave you wanting more. 

- Jurassic Park-The Ride: A trip to Universal Studios Hollywood can not be complete without a ride on the famous Jurassic Park-The Ride. Enjoy a calm and beautiful scenary as you enter Jurassic Park on a raft. As you travel down the river you're get to see and feel how life was 65 million years ago. You'll have to survive and escape from the gigantic T-Rex and other dinosuars. The only way out is straight down a 84-foot waterfall in your raft, where there might be a small splash!! 

- Waterworld-A Tidal Wave of Explosive Action: Want to take a break from the rides a bit?! Well Universal Studios Hollywood has lots more to offer!! Want to see powerful stunts, action, and so much more! Well Waterworld Live action show is filled with all that and more! There is more than one show daily, so make sure to check out the show times so that you don't miss out on the adventure. 

Halloween Horror Nights:  Experience various haunted/ horror mazes, scare zones in every corner, live shows and the Thrilling Terror Tram.

Hard Rock Café: You will receive a voucher for your food at Hard Rock Café in Universal CityWalk. You will have the option to choose a classic hamburger or other types of sandwiches, and a drink. Hard Rock Café is a place for music lovers, food and good times.Voucher valid only between 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM.


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